Fresh war wound from the LG sale-disaster I didn’t realize I had until snacking on a much-deserved KFC double-down right after (that I wish I had with rice).

Read up on the sale here first: LG Optimus One lands, priced at 50% off!

I really don’t feel like posting this on my main blog, so here’s a timeline of events from Saturday:


I thought I was the first in line already (SM North Edsa Annex), but when I chatted with one of the guards on duty, there was a couple of college kids who were there since 9PM Friday night, who he said were at a McDo somewhere during our talk. The guard told me they weren’t adviced by their management about any sale, but he got to know about it from the kids. He told me guards are supposed to be PAID for the extra service of ensuring security to an event like what LG will be holding later in the day. This bit made sense to me. Oh, why line up THAT early? I’m used to pila, nag-aral ako sa UP (University of Pila) Diliman, pre-CRS registration era. Nag-overnight pila ako dati para makuha ko yung gusto kong thesis advisor.


A handful of people started trickling in. I decided to go up the second floor, it was the nearest possible way to go up to the LG store. Or so I thought. I think I saw the kids the guard mentioned earlier, they had big bags in tow. The guard told me they were off to the province, and one of them was about to celebrate his/her birthday, and would want the phone as a gift-for-self.


The guy behind me went all the way from Nueva Ecija. Someone from the line told us he was at LG Megamall yesterday, and overheard who looked like Korean LG executives bragging about the sale, and that there was a number quoted: 200 phones.


The line went to about a 100++ people. I was officially first in line by then, got to talk with the rest of the people behind me, and we were in worried, but relatively high spirits, knowing we would go home with a discounted Android phone. Some people decided to tell onlookers there was a line, and if they’re there for the LG sale, they should follow the line us well. A few really, really ugly people didn’t follow. Really turd-quality ugly.


News came out that there were other lines at the carparks. Long lines. Our hopes diminished, but the people I was talking with belonged to the first 10 in line, so we weren’t really that hopeless. People in LG shirts showed up on our floor. Turd-ugly people were gone.


Mall gates opened. Mad dash ensued for the 4th floor. Panting like hell. By the time I got to the line, it was 3 layers thick, 100 people-strong. Turd-ugly people from earlier were in front. Ugliest dude was sipping a coffee frap, going in and out of the line. I still think frap’s should be regarded as dessert, and not a very manly concoction to consume. Me? Bitter? No. People around me were muttering curses at the group. The ladies behind me had a better curse vocabulary than I did.


News dispatch was that stubs will be given out at 2PM, and that before the phone was sold, the salespeople will give a demo of the unit. Hard to believe this BS, but I was there already.


The line was moved, which was pure idiocy, since you just couldn’t move a mass of people like that. Pick your song: Guns N Roses Welcome to the Jungle, or if you’re really feeling for the people, black metal pioneer band Venom’s Welcome To Hell. I was at the Range Against The Machine concert back in the 90s, the moshpit that happened can compare to that, except that we had mall ventilation now.


I’m not even sure of the time anymore. Line appeared to look decent from behind, but my group couldn’t sit down to rest since there were stray lines mushrooming from our left side. There was a girl in front who kept on complaining to the LG staff, and had a folding chair with her. I don’t think she ever lined up, though, to be fair, she wasn’t part of the turd-ugly group. Oh, and there was someone from LG with his shirt collar up, but he isn’t chinky-eyed, hence I’m sure he’s not Korean. Collar-up shirts make sense if you’re in the colder regions in the world and you need to cover your neck for warmth. Just saying.


I was part of the first 100 in line. A sheet of paper was being passed around, LG was saying its to inform us of future events/sales/BS. People clinged to it for hope. I signed knowing fully its just to my name to their database, nothing more. Our group was shouting NO DEMO, since we knew we were in the danger zone. Tweets informed me that the line at Megamall already went up to the 5th floor.


I was told the 60 units at the nearby Nokia C6 phone sale were sold out. They had the decency to say that it was over, and that was the stock, so people who still stayed, that was their call already. The official LG statement re stock? Madaming makakakuha, hanggang 3PM. I was still with a few of the people I got to talk with earlier. Hopes were at an all time low. The sale started late, according to the Fujifilm store clock, I’d say as late as 10-15 minutes, but then the next announcement was in sync with the time of the same clock. After 20 minutes, 3-4 people left the store with a phone.


Pushing happened. Lines were broken. I was still hesitant, but I got out already.

I went for the mall railing to sit down and rest. A guard was telling me off, but I’m sorry to be rude, but let me rest for a few minutes, I was in that chaotic line and I will not lean on the glass. I stayed until 3, and noticed a few familiar faces who were ahead of me in the line still solid holding up. The HTC store suddenly was holding a sale for their HTC Smart phones, but these were non wi-fi units. People did come in to the store, but only left with flyers.

A few of the tweets I posted after the event:

2 FB hate pages vs. Nokia/LG Sale yesterday:, @jepoyeng @myLifesGoodPH

RUMOR: Someone allegedly died at yesterday’s LG sale chaos @myLifesGoodPH

I was tweeting @myLifesGoodPH last Friday, concerned about the assumed chaos-to-happen the day after. The response was:

We have rules and measures to make sure #LGOPTIMUSOne sale will be smooth. It will be shared this Saturday.


Two more links for photos and videos and discussion:

I don’t think I will boycott LG, and won’t discourage anyone from availing of their products. Though, I share of lot of the same sentiments as the others who have already posted, and before I would even go as far as blame the people who lined up, the finger should still be pointed at the organizers. The mechanics were clear, sure, but there were no safety measures/preparations done. I think our line was the source of info for the guards re the sale, since I’m supposing we were the earliest. SM? No, I bet they’d really rather have the guards man their own respective stations instead. The volume of people was a significant factor, of course, but LG Philippines could’ve done something beforehand, and stuck to their guns (say, to the first 100 people: LG gives you hope; no guarantees, but at least it makes more sense to be in your position than everyone else behind you) during the event, instead of whatever they did which didn’t really amount to much.

Ugly people update? I could be wrong, but I don’t think they got their phones, too. There’s karma up your ass.

Oh and I do hope media picks this up. Not a lot of hope for ABS-CBN or GMA7. TV5, we’re looking at you.


My Five-Thing List

September 21, 2005

Top 5 College Dormmates

  1. The roommate who listened to White Lion (but he knew the first lines of Skin and Bones from The Sundays, because I always play the tape)
  2. The roommate who was so pissed off with me and White Lion guy for dumping all his kalat inside his cabinet because we waited for chicks to come to our room during open house
  3. The guy who pocketed hopia periodically from the dining hall
  4. The hardcore Christian girl we all love for her visible tan lines
  5. Kaloy who played basketball in torn Chucks and pink socks

This list is inspired by 5ives. Funny guy.

Oh, I’m not aiming for funny. Amusing will do.