September 21, 2005

I’ll save all the geeky I’ banter at my main site. I’ll just say I’m glad I’m here.

Salvaging all my mostly unpopular posts on music and movies from the dud that is cub.zine feels like a chore, so I’ll just leave it all there. Yes, you, dear reader, will most probably see my relentless opinions on cinema, music, and pop kitsch here.

Also, the possibility of adding advertisements to this site appears to be another chore to undertake, so I’ll just keep it all basic and nifty for now. It’ll maybe feel like the first time I applied for a blog account around 2001, though I’m feeling rather clean and care-free when writing and organizing stuff here at

I’ll keep things nasty and faux-innocent here.

2 Responses to “Intro”

  1. Kates Says:

    Hah!!! I know I’ll find you here.

  2. rain Says:

    Malas naman o. Dapat ako lang nandito! Wala nang ibaaaaaaaa! Ang daya!!!!


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