So Kates got his Golden Ticket, too. My Pinoy exclusivity -I’d like to believe so, anyway- here in is done.

I’ll still be holding on to my invites, though, thank you.


Thanks Kates for the tip re posting via w.bloggar; was eager to test if its possible, but apparently I wasn’t eager enough. Now I can have my listening-to footer included on posts. Ha!

[Listening to: Ang Pag-Ibig Mo – Cinderella – (3:50)]

Spent almost the entire night finishing up a WP-powered Pest Control company site. Took a brief break, where I’ve improved on my ongoing search for a pretty decent recipe for French Toast. Here’re the ingredients I used:

2-3 tbsps condensed milk
two bread slices, Pan-American style (that’s what we call it in the Philippines, anyway)
1 beaten egg
grated cheddar cheese

Mix condensed milk with water, soak the first bread slice in it, then soak it in the eggwash. Don’t oversoal bread. Place in a microwavable container, preferably one that conforms to the size of the bread. Top with grated cheese. Repeat process with the second bread slice.

Microwave for 2-3 minutes.

My Five-Thing List

September 21, 2005

Top 5 College Dormmates

  1. The roommate who listened to White Lion (but he knew the first lines of Skin and Bones from The Sundays, because I always play the tape)
  2. The roommate who was so pissed off with me and White Lion guy for dumping all his kalat inside his cabinet because we waited for chicks to come to our room during open house
  3. The guy who pocketed hopia periodically from the dining hall
  4. The hardcore Christian girl we all love for her visible tan lines
  5. Kaloy who played basketball in torn Chucks and pink socks

This list is inspired by 5ives. Funny guy.

Oh, I’m not aiming for funny. Amusing will do.

On Nina Simone

September 21, 2005

It started with a liking for jazz, and namedropping, and 150 pesos spent on a tape more than half a decade ago. There weren’t enough lingering love songs to hold my attention. I felt dated, worn, like Miss Simone is as distant as any stellar entity.

Then came my own star, speaking to me, telling me how she liked Miss Simone. Since she sat in French classes, and it was rather unsurprising for literati’s to dig her, I understood. She did sing that Ne Me Quitte Pas ditty, right? I remember asking her what it meant, but was never blessed with a reply.

Do not leave me. I guess.

I leapt at the chance to get a three-cd collection of Miss Simone’s songs for cheap. Now I finally had Sugar in My Bowl. I gave my love a copy, and its always delightful whenever she hums the songs loudly over the phone.

Now, immensely disconnected, and somehow on the brink of life-senselessness, I would’ve likely added a pin to my brain-cushion why I even had second thoughts buying a Nina Simone concert on DVD. Yes, I first saw that Jeff Buckley one first, but it shouldn’t cloud my excitement in seeing Miss Simone’s 1985 performance.

She floats elegantly near my ears. I didn’t even hear the snapping of my existence.


September 21, 2005

I’ll save all the geeky I’ banter at my main site. I’ll just say I’m glad I’m here.

Salvaging all my mostly unpopular posts on music and movies from the dud that is cub.zine feels like a chore, so I’ll just leave it all there. Yes, you, dear reader, will most probably see my relentless opinions on cinema, music, and pop kitsch here.

Also, the possibility of adding advertisements to this site appears to be another chore to undertake, so I’ll just keep it all basic and nifty for now. It’ll maybe feel like the first time I applied for a blog account around 2001, though I’m feeling rather clean and care-free when writing and organizing stuff here at

I’ll keep things nasty and faux-innocent here.